Kimberly Abram, Esq.

Bennett College (NC), Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Political Science (1991) Rutgers Law School, Newark (NJ) (1996), TEFL Institute ESL Certification(2010).

Law Firm Overview/Experience 

I have spent the last 15 years assisting my clients with real estate transactions, litigation matters, and devising and constructing Wills. My top priority is to anticipate and fulfill my client’s needs with exceptional legal services and practical legal advice. Upon careful analysis of each client’s current assets, family make-up, and financial situation, I then draft a Will that best illustrates the client’s wishes and desires, once they pass away.

Before finalizing the documents, each client will have an opportunity to review his/her estate planning documents and together we will make sure you thoroughly understand the key provisions within. The client is then entered into a secure data base and kept informed of any future changes in the law that might affect their estate plan.

My main focus is to listen to the client and what their needs and desires are.  I believe that everyone is entitled to quality legal services for a reasonable price. Most clients prefer a flat fixed fee rather than hourly fees.  Subsequently, I will quote a flat fee to draft a Will and accompanying Estate Planning documents specific to your needs. All fees are reasonable and affordable.  When certain client matters are more complex, requiring extensive legal support and/or research, I offer a reasonable and affordable hourly rate. Upon written approval, a Fee Agreement will be drafted outlining the work to be performed with established fees. There will be a nominal retainer fee to commence all work.


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